The techno economic project reports and market study reports are available readily or at a short notice against payment. These updated reports provide a realistic picture of the project and will enable client to understand different aspects of the project in detail including technical / market / economic feasibility. These reports will enable client to approach banks for project finance and government departments for statutory clearances.

1) Reclaimed Rubber from waste tyres 
2) Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber from waste PET bottles
3) Wood PVC composite extruded furniture board & sheet
4) Wood PVC composite extruded door frame 
5) Wood PVC composite extruded door board
6) Three layer co-extruded polyolefin blown film
7) Recycling of waste PET bottles into hot washed flakes
8) PET rigid clear sheet for thermoformed packaging from waste PET bottle flakes
9) PET Strapping Tape from waste PET bottle flakes
10) PVC Rice Husk composite extruded sheet and profiles
11) Wood flour HDPE composite extruded profiles for pallets
12) Bamboo fiber PP composite extruded profiles
13) Five layer co-extruded blown film with Nylon / EVOH barrier layers
14) Automotive tyres and tubes (cross-ply) Truck, LCV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Three Wheeler
15) Cycle & Rickshaw tyres & tubes
16) Rubber Covered Rollers for industrial applications and printing
17) Manufacture of new OTR tyres / Re-treading of used OTR tyres
18) Indian Rubber Additives Scenario (2017)
19) Indian Rubber and Plastic Market Scenario
20) Rubber & Commodity Plastic Price Forecasting (India)
21)Indian Engineering Plastics Scenario (e.g. ABS, Nylon, PMMA, PBT etc.)
22) Manufacture of Conveyor Belting
23) Industrial Rubber Roller ( for Paper , Steel , Vinyl ,Printing industry )
24) Waste Tyre Pyrolysis
25) Natural Rubber Latex Thread and Foam Mattress
26) Pre-cured Retreading Material
27) C-PVC Pipes & Fittings / U-PVC Pipes & Fittings

Typical contents of a Techno EconomicProjectReportis given below for reference
(Note: will vary based on particular project or market study)
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Production Volume & Project parameters
3.0 Manufacturing Process & Technology
4.0 Production FlowDiagram
5.0 Plant & Machinery withbasic specifications and indicative prices
6.0 Quality Control & TestingLab withbasic specifications and indicative prices
7.0 Utilities & Support facility withbasic specifications and indicative prices
8.0 Estimated Project Cost
9.0 Manpower Requirement & Cost
10.0 Estimated Product Cost (raw material, production cost, overheads)
11.0 Estimated Turnover,Profitability & Project Payback Period
12.0 Working Capital requirement
13.0 Machinery& Chemicals Suppliers List
14.0 Different EndApplicationsandKey Market Segments
15.0 Product Guiding Specifications &Testing Standards
16.0 Factory Area & Building requirement
17.0 Market Scenario – Estimated production, Main producers with capacity & location, market potential and growth prospects

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